Exceptional cars for the most important persons

M.I.P. offers a select range of exceptional supercars for rental. Located in Dubai – the heart of passion, lifestyle and business.
The most important persons arrive in style
Dubai. 32 degrees. Here, the most important persons arrive in style. Just pick your ride, we take care of the rest. Book one of the M.I.P. cars online and we make sure it is being delivered right at your place of residence.
Exceptional cars, always at our disposal
We offer unseen service and quality to our customers
At M.I.P., we understand that the most important persons are busy. We designed our service exactly the right way to fit the needs of this lifestyle.
Make a reservation online, pay later
Delivery and pickup at your residence
All of our bookings come with insurance
Personal assistance at your fingertips
The most exceptional vehicles on demand
Choose your supercar
Frequently asked questions
How is the car being delivered?

When you book a car via our website, you are prompted to enter your residence address. We take care of the full logistic process and deliver your car to your residence location at least 2 hours before your booking time.

What happens if i get a ticket?

Fast and extraordinary cars catch attention. Unfortunately, speed or parking tickets are also part of the deal sometimes. In case of a ticket, we will always charge the driver of the car at the moment of incidence.

Can i always reach customer service?

Yes, we have a 24/7 customer service desk. This means we are there for you both on the road and off the road.

How many kilometers can I drive?

You can drive as many kilometers as you want. For most of our cars, the first 250 kilometers are included in the rental price.
After exceeding these numbers on a daily basis , you will be charged an additional 2 AED per driven kilometer. However, for sport cars such as the Ferrari Portofino, this range is 100 kilometers. The cost for the sport cars is 4 AED per extra driven kilometer.

Where can I return the car?

Your car can be returned to our location at all times. You can find our contact details at the contact page.

Can I also buy a car at M.I.P.?

It may happen that you fall in love with a car from our inventory. All cars from our inventory are also available for sale. Click the "buy now" button in our navigation bar or get in touch with our sales department for more information.