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Renting with MIP Motors 
How does it work?

We use a minimum age of 23 for our car rentals. Before we confirm your booking, we will validate this minimum age by asking for a copy of your passport.
LEGAL payment methods
At M.I.P., renting a car is as easy as 1, 2, 3. We accept payments via PayPal, Creditcard and cash. You can choose your preferred payment method during the checkout.
financial check
Before confirming your booking, we might perform a credit check to validate the financial aspect.
1. Find your car
Explore our select but very exclusive inventory of vehicles that are available for rent. Find a car that matches your mood, passion and lifestyle and get ahead.
browse our inventory
2. Book online
After selecting a car, follow the steps to enter your personal details and booking duration. You will be redirected to our booking system that perfectly shows you the availability of each car.
3. Pay (later)
After booking a car via our website, you will be able to indicate your choice of preference in terms of payment method. If you like to pay directly, follow the steps to pay online through PayPal or by using your creditcard.

Do you want to pay later or in cash? That's no problem, we got your back.

You will receive an e-mail summarizing your details, booking specification and more information regarding the delivery of the car.
4. Delivery
The fun part starts! Take a deep breath and enable us to take care of the logistics. We deliver the car to your specified location of residence. Mostly, this is done at least multiple hours in advance of your booking days.
5. Return
At the end of the booking, we will pick up your car at the location of your residence. Again, we take care of the full logistics.

Do you prefer a different return location? Make sure to tell us at least a day in advance to avoid additional costs.

Of course, the rented car should be in the same condition as it was when it arrived. To confirm this, our agent will check the car at the moment of return.